Why Jet-Kleen? Our customers consistently praise the security and simplicity of their units. Jet-Kleen is safer and easier to use than compressed-air applications. OSHA compliance is very important in keeping your employees as safe as possible, and easy access and operation means every employee can keep safety their number one priority – plus no monthly inspections or checklists of compressors, hoses, or nozzles are necessary. Jet-Kleen has quickly become the international leader in the niche market of blow off guns by proudly surpassing customers’ expectations.

"We used to use a higher-pressured air nozzle. If I had to blow the daylights off of me, pressurized air is quicker - but not safer. We prefer the safe way. I haven't even heard a negative, 'What do you mean we can't use high pressure?!' (Recent OSHA) rules have changed, but we have grown to love it."


International cleaning supplies manufacturing and sales.

Cardboard manufacturing dust, pulp, fibers.

"Our Jet-Kleen is very efficient. I'm really surprised to see how much power it has. It's been very well accepted by all our people. They go to it right away. We had tried for some time to find (an air pressurized system) that could give us enough pressure, but remain less than 100psi. We found it in Jet-Kleen."


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At Kimberly-Clark® worldwide facilities, Jet-Kleen™ Blow-Off Systems have improved employee health and safety. Production of toilet tissue is a damp and dusty operation. “Removal of production debris before entering the crew room is necessary,” explained Bob Ramsey, a UK facilities manager. “Over the years, a variety of methods have been used. A standard ‘popular’ practice was long overdue, and we recently took it upon ourselves to find the solution.” Prior to learning about the Jet-Kleen, the mill was considering a more expensive blow-down booth. The company tested Jet-Kleen’s more affordable, yet still safe, alternative in the worst possible area, the paper mill.

Mill Safety Manager Brian Glover described the results as so impressive that the company made a larger commitment, saying “The Jet-Kleen has been widely accepted, and we have installed eight systems at this site.” Kimberly-Clark now has more than 150 Jet-Kleen units in use across its worldwide operations. In addition to improved safety and effectiveness, Jet-Kleen units also cost less to operate than generator-produced compressed air systems, Glover noted. “Every crew room will be fitted with a fixed Jet-Kleen Blow-Off gun, and also strategic process areas where compressed air would normally be used.”

Kimberly Clark

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Toilet paper manufacturing dust, pulp, fibers.

The very nature of the materials involved in the manufacture of plasterboard means that dust is ever-present in production areas. Consequently, dust collects on clothing and is transferred continuously into non-production areas, vehicles and even homes. To reduce this problem, UK-based Lafarge Plasterboard installed a number of Jet-Kleen blower- powered personnel cleaning devices. These units are located strategically throughout the plant. The Jet-Kleens were recommended by technician Lloyd Fennell, who had experienced their benefits working for a leading tissue manufacturer. Initially, a single Jet-Kleen was installed in 2004 to evaluate its effectiveness. It obviously proved its worth; another two units have been approved by the plant’s health and safety committee and installed.

The principal advantage offered by the Jet-Kleen was a safe means of de-dusting achieved through the use of high air volumes delivered at low pressure (less than 3 psi), making it safe even when directed at bare skin. Other benefits include lower costs and noise levels when compared to compressed air systems. Specialized Safety Products’ Jet-Kleens are wall mounted units powered by a 1450 W blower. Filtered air is directed via a triggered hand nozzle attached to a 56” (142 cm) flexible hose. A timer helps avoid excessive power usage.

LaFarge Plasterboard

International cleaning supplies manufacturing and sales.

Cardboard manufacturing dust, pulp, fibers.