Jet-Kleen Limited

Jet-Kleen Limited

Reliable Safety and Performance for Cost-Conscious Customers

The newest addition to the popular Jet-Kleen™ series, the Jet-Kleen Limited™ Blow-Off and De-Dusting System is an economical alternative to compressed air systems incorporating many of the same features that have made the original Jet-Kleen such a resounding success.

The Jet-Kleen Limited Blow-Off and De-Dusting System provides safe and effective removal of residues – such as dust, fiber, water, and particulate matter – from people,surfaces, or work environments, at a fraction of the cost of compressed air systems.

The Jet-Kleen Limited is ideal for companies seeking to improve efficiency as well as employee safety. Although safe for individual use – it can be aimed directly at bare skin – the Jet-Kleen Limited still delivers a powerful volume of oil-free, clean and dry air that quickly and effectively removes moisture. The Jet-Kleen Limited delivers the many of the same features of the original Jet-Kleen in a smaller, more cost-effective package.

Other manufacturers have tried to duplicate the success of the Jet-Kleen series, but no other products can match the proven quality and consistent results of the Jet-Kleen and Jet-Kleen Limited.

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Additional Features for JKL-115 and JKL-240:

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