The Jet-Kleen Blow-off Gun provides a safe and highly effective means for removing residue such as dust, fiber, water and more - from people, surfaces, components or work environments.

The Jet-Kleen is available in both portable and wall mounted version. Versatile options range from a foot pedal operated model to...



Polyethylene Disposable Aprons, 20 microns thick are strong and solvent resistant is available in two sizes. Die cut to maintain uniform shape and performance. The 3/4 length white in color aprons permits visual exposure to contaminates so appropriate clean up can be performed.


Water and solvent tight disposable gloves keep hands clean from inks, dirt and solvents. Anti-slip textured surface. One size ( large ) fits right or left hands. The Disposable Gloves are available in packages of 100, or individually packaged.

Product Specifications

Catalog # Description
PDA-100SM Small-medium aprons - 24" x 42" - pkg of 100
PDA-100SMS Small-medium aprons - 24" x 42" - pkg of 100 - single pair pkg
PDA-100L Large aprons - 28" x 46" - pkg of 100
PDA-100LS Large aprons - 28" x 46" - single pair pkg
PGC-100 Small polyethylene gloves - pkg of 100
PGC-100S Small polyethylene gloves - single pair
PGL-100 Thin polyethylene gloves - pkg of 100
PGL-100S Thin polyethylene gloves - single pair
PGS-100 Medium polyethylene gloves - pkg of 100
PGS-100S Medium polyethylene gloves - single pair
PGH-50 Heavy polyethylene gloves - pkg of 50
PGH-50S Heavy polyethylene gloves - single pair